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Walther Pro XL1000 Review

Last updated 10 Apr 2021

Walther Pro XL1000 – 4 1/2 stars



This large handheld is very easy to use. 920 lumens for 16 hours, 2 lower brightness levels and a strobe function. And no tricky combinations of clicks to access that functionality. This well made torch is an easy recommendation as a house torch.

At the heavier end of the scale, it still feels good in the hand and is good looking.


920 lumens for 15 hours is at the high end in terms of it’s base specification. It’s variable beam extends it’s usefulness for a fairly tight spot as detailed below.

With the beam set to spot, we can see the white building (The Plow pub) 100m away very clearly, due to the efficiency of the variable beam mechanism, but there is still a small useful amount of flood so we can also see the village sign 10m away on the right as well.

Useful for

Like the other large 3 D-cell torches we’ve tested, this is a classic house torch. Using regular (not rechargeable) batteries, you can leave it in a drawer till you need it and it’ll work. I’d aslo this torch take it glamping. due to it’s combination of bright, tightly focussed beam to see objects a long way off plus it’s lower power mode to last a few nights on one set of batteries

Notable features

The on/off button is slightly recessed making it less likely to accidentally turn on whilst travelling, although it’s’ still prominent enough to locate without looking, and usefully rubbery so your finger won’t slip off.

The variable flood to spot beam control on the Walther Pro XL1000 has nice tight spot and a wide flood. The control has a nice damped feeling and doesn’t rattle.

3 brightness settings in the big Walther Pro XL1000 plus strobe:

  • Boost: 920 lumens for 16 hours
  • Med: 370 lumens for 40 hours
  • Low: 90 lumens for 117 hours

To access the different brightness settings, turn on the torch with 1, 2 or 3 clicks. For strobe, whilst on, hold switch down.


The Walther Pro XL1000 is a good looking product with a nice machined grip. It feels good in the hand despite it’s weight. The head never rattles as you extend and contract it to change the beam between flood and spot, and it has a nicely damped mechanical action.

All 4 functions are easy vey to access, as it should be for all torches.

Handheld torch


  • 920 lumens for 16 hours
  • 270 Beam
  • High, Med, Low, Strobe
  • Spot & flood beam
  • 3 x D-cell batteries
  • 900 grams with batteries
  • 315mm long
  • 1m drop impact resistant
  • IPX4 water resistant (splashes)

Good for…

  • Home
  • Garage
  • Power outages
  • Camping/glamping
  • Finding the cat/dog
  • Rural dweller