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About Us

Last updated 16 May 2021

 The author – Steve McAdam

I’m a freelance user experience designer working mostly in the Financial Services sector in London, working on B2B and B2C web applications and apps.

I have an interest in the usability of products, including torches. Having acquired a bunch of torches in recent years, becoming a torch nerd much to the amusement of my friends, I’m now the person they’ll ask what torch they should buy. I’ve noticed with interest that there is a shortage of impartial consumer advice and good quality magazine-style content on the subject of buying torches. This is unusual for a product set with WW sales of over $5B.

Ordinary consumers need help buying a torch

I know from conversations I’ve had in recent years, and as recently as the week I am writing this (2021), that awareness of modern LED-powered torches being more usefully bright is not as high as it could be amongst ordinary consumers. Further, a lot of LED torch marketing tends to have a bias towards the tactical or weapons-related narrative designed to appeal to US consumers. Therefore, I am building this website to help ordinary consumers to simply buy the right torch.

About my reviews

I own all the torches you see reviewed on these pages. Living in the pretty Hertfordshire village of Datchworth, with it’s myriad country paths and no lights on the village green or on Bramfield Road, the narrow country lane between The Tilbury and The Horns pubs. So I am a regular torch user! I have also given away torches to friends, and frequently get feedback on their use. I also take a couple of torches camping and on my frequent weekends away to NW Scotland, Cornwall and the Lake District.

The reviews you see on these pages are my own subjective views of the usefulness, or otherwise, of all these torches based (usually) on my own personal use of them.

Hi torch vendors

I bought all these lovely torches you see reviewed on this first version of the site with my own money! I plan on contacting you for review models in the future, so make it easy for me to contact you by dropping me a line – – so I have your details.

It is not my intention to review every new torch from every vendor. I will only be covering products from a maximum of 10 preferred vendors, so please get in touch if you’d like to be one of those vendors.