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Olight i5T Review

Last updated 14 May 2021

Olight i5T Review – 4 stars



This single AA-powered torch has a reasonable enough 150 lumens for 25 minutes and 300 lumens turbo mode, all going in to a fixed wide spot beam, putting it to our ‘useful’ category. Tough & properly water proof too.

This torch is in the ‘Small Torches Group Test’, but at 60 grams it’s no feather, so check out the other torches in that test.

If you like the idea of an uncomplicated, small handheld torch that’s easily pocketable, simple to use and is based on a regular battery, and only need it for short periods of time, this is a very strong candidate.


Significantly brighter than most single AA battery-powered torches, this wide spot-biased optics give it decent range.

As can be seen below, as well as illuminating the house door 15m away, The Tilbury (pub) sign 50m away dead centre is also just visible, though not readable. The Plough (pub) 20m away on the right, across the road isn’t visible at all due to this torch having no flood, all it’s power going in to the wide spot for increased beam distance. Impressive performance for a torch with a single AA battery.

Useful for

This is a general purpose torch you could carry on you all the time, because of it’ size and weight. It’s high performance for a single AA battery-sized torch is impressive.

Because it’s based on a regular battery it’s less sensitive to being left in a car glove compartment, hallway drawer or tool box than torches based on rechargeable batteries, so it’ll work when you need it. A good house torch in that regard, though only as a 2nd house torch, because you need a larger, more powerful house torch with longer battery life for that unforeseen emergency.

Notable features

There’s not much to say about this torch, it has 2 brightness levels and momentary function.

The grippy knurling is easy to hold and the tail cap button has a long travel, and good clicky feedback, useful if you are wearing gloves.

The Olight i5T in 2 brightness levels, or 3 really, although you can only access the mid brightness of 150 lumens by selecting the high (300 lumens) brightness level: :

  • Turbo/High: 300 lumens for 3 mins, then 150 lumens for 25mins
  • Low: 15 lumens for 20 hours

To access low brightness, turn on the torch with a full click of the tail cap button. For full power follow with another full click off & on. Alternatively, to access full power, whilst turning the torch on, do a half click then full click.

For momentary, with the torch off, half press the tail cap button


This simple design doesn’t offend. It’s a little torch, nothing fancy.

In terms of usability it’s straightforward enough except for one thing. The manual claims it has a ‘momentary function. However, if you try to use it, with half clicks from the off position, it cycles through low and full power, giving an odd effect if you try to do morse code. Basically it doesn’t have a momentary mode… cheeky!

Small torch


  • 150 lumens for 25 minutes
    300 lumens turbo for 3 minutes
  • 60m beam
  • Turbo, Low, momentary
  • Fixed spot/flood beam
  • 1 x AA battery
  • 60 grams with battery
  • 95mm long
  • IPX8 water resistant (2m depth)
  • 1.5m drop impact resistant

Good for…

  • General purpose
  • Handbag
  • Urban dweller