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Nitecore MH10 V2 Review

Last updated 14 May 2021

Nitecore MH10 V2 – 5 stars


torch size comparison with hand


This Nitecore MH10 V2 is a top recommendation and personal favourite of mine. It’s a perfect general purpose, high performance torch. It’s generous 21700 battery maintains 1200 lumens for 3 hours 45m with no thermal cut-out, has an excellent range spot/flood beam all in a light & compact handheld format.

With excellent functionality – 4 brightness levels, strobe, beacon & SOS – it’s also waterproof & tough. USB C charging socket built-in.

Nicely weighted, not too light, the metal button gives reassuring feedback. Accessing all these features is straightforward enough with that single button, have a good read at the manual to get the most out of it.


The maximum sustainable brightness of the MH10 V2 is 1,200 lumens. It has no turbo mode, not a bad thing in my view. The first photo below, taken on Datchworth Green, is in the dark, the second with the Nitecore MH10 V2. The white building (The Plough pub) about 100 metres away is clearly visible due to that spot beam component of the fixed spot/flood beam. The village sign 10 metres away on the right is also clearly lit due to the generous flood of this nicely judged fixed beam design.

Note: The test photo below was taken at a different time from others. 

brightness comparison test for Nitecore MH25GTS

Useful for

Well suited to professional and law enforcement applications that would take advantage of it’s durability and IP68 water resistance rating, the MH25 GTS is also light & unobtrusive enough to be considered a great general purpose torch. I would happily carry this in my commuting laptop backpack.

A good torch for camping, helped by it’s lower brightness levels and durability. A good working torch for professional & farming environments.

Notable features

The fixed beam of the Nitecore MH10 V2 has a good spot that gives a long throw at 1,200 lumens and a quite generous flood as well.

The Nitecore MH10 V2 also as an aggressive bezel at the front for use as a self defence weapon or to break glass.

There’s a USB C charging socket at the front of the torch under a rubber cover. An LED in the tail flashes blue when charging, then steady when charged. And it’s dual fuel, so as well as it’s rechargeable 21700 battery you can also use a rechargeable 18650 battery using the supplied cradle, or a pair of CR123 or RCR123 batteries, again using the cradle.

The MH10 V2 has 7 functions: 4 brightness levels:

  • High: 1,200 lumens for 3 hours 45m
  • Mid: 300 lumens for 8 hours
  • High: 55 lumens for 46 hours
  • Ultralow: 1 lumen for 1500 hours

From off, hold the button down to access ultralow, or just click once to access the most recently used brightness level. Whilst on hold the button down to cycle through all 4 brightness levels.

Whilst on, double click to access strobe. Hold down to cycle through strobe, beacon & SOS. To access strobe form off double click the button.


Typical Nitecore design, with their classic, compact industrial looks. Good looking and a joy to use.

The MH10 V2 strikes a good balance between it’s excellent basic specification of 1,200 lumens for 3 hours 45m and a very reasonable size & weight.

In terms of usability, the single button setup of the Nitecore MH10 V2 works very well. There’s no button lock, although you don’t really need one with it’s tiny front button. If you can live without momentary mode, this torch strikes a perfect balance between functionality and usability. As always, read the manual when you first get it.

Handheld torch


  • 1,200 lumens for 3 hours 45m
  • 304m beam
  • High, med, Low, ultralow, strobe, beacon, SOS
  • Fixed spot/flood beam
  • 1 x 21700, 1 x 18650 or 2 x CR123/RCR123 batteries
  • 167 grams with battery
  • 147mm long
  • IPX8 water resistant (2m depth)
  • 2m drop impact resistant

Good for…

  • General purpose
  • Home
  • Security/Police
  • Boat
  • Fishing
  • Truck
  • Hunting
  • Farm
  • Rural Dweller
  • Urban dweller
  • Finding the cat/dog
  • Commuting backpack/sling