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Nebo Torchy Review

Last updated 14 May 2021

Nebo Torchy – 4 stars



The Nebo Torchy is a great little torch for it’s size & weight, and it’s cute looking too. With a headline spec. of 500 lumens for 1 hour, it’s highly capable. If you really need to have a physically small torch in your handbag, this is one of your top contenders.

Its tough & water resistent enough too.

Small enough to fit on your keyring, just make sure you have the proprietary magnetic charger cable in your bag too, as it’s the only way to charge the torchy.


500 lumens for 1 hour plus a 1,000 lumens turbo mode puts the Nebo Torchy at the highest level of performance in this class of torch, bettered only by those torches that cross into the small handheld category. 

The fixed beam is predominantly a large spot but with a significant flood too. All that flood, even in its most focussed spot setting, robs the Torchy of beam range. 

As you can see from the photo below with the Torchy in fully spot mode, the house door 15m away is clearly visible, The Tilbury (pub) sign 50m in the distance is visible too, but The Plough (pub) sign to the right on the other side of the road is not visible at all due to the tighter spot of the Nebo Torchy.

Useful for

At this weight & size, your handbag or keyring are obvious homes for the Nebo Torchy. The base spec. is good enough for my 40 minute walk home from Knebworth station to Datchworth, providing I charged it since the last time.

And its water resistance and toughness give it another level of usefulness as a product you’ll be able to rely on in an emergency.

 Notable features

The Nebo Torchy has a recessed power button, level with the button surround, so it’s unlikely to get turned on accidentally. There’s also a power level indicator in the button, glowing red or blue whilst on, to show if the battery is under/over 25% remaining.

The Torchy has a fixed beam that has a wide spot and a not-so-wide flood.

There’s a magnetic tail cap charger, and the Nebo can use its magnetic base to attach to metal objects.The

The Nebo Torchy has 4 brightness levels: :

  • Turbo: 1,000 lumens for 30 seconds
  • High: 500 lumens for 1 hour
  • Med: 200 lumens for 1 hours 45 minutes
  • Low: 50 lumens for 6 hours

To access high, medium or low, turn on the Torchy with 1, 2 or 3 clicks. Access turbo by holding down the button whilst on or off. Access strobe by double clicking whilst on or off..


The Nebo Torchy an attractive little object, with some personality about it. And I like the soft start, particularly when turning on to the 1,000 lumens turbo mode.

Although having a generally high quality feel about it, I had a few little quality niggles that bothered me slightly about my Torchy.

Clicking the button is slightly problematic, I had some difficulty clicking deep enough in to the button recess to activate it. Also, the clip on my Torchy didn’t fit completely neat and the magnetic charging attachment didn’t attach as firmly as I would like. But I’m being picky.

Small torch


  • 500 lumens for 1 hour
    1,000 lumens turbo for 30 secs
  • 130m beam 
  • Turbo, High, Med, Low, Strobe 
  • Fixed spot/flood beam 
  • Built-in battery 
  • 62 grams with battery 
  • 67mm long 
  • IPX6 water resistant (1m)
  • 1m drop impact resistant 

Good for…

  • Commuting backpack/sling
  • Keychain
  • Handbag
  • Walking to the pub
  • Urban dweller