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Nebo Redline Blast RC Review

Last updated 10 Apr 2021

Nebo Redline Blast RC – 4 stars



Wow… what a mouthful! 3,200 lumens makes it the most powerful torch in our Best large handheld torch , if you don’t mind the relatively low runtime compared to other large handhelds. It’s wide spot will suit some more than others.

Lighter than many other large handhelds, its’ good to hold with it’s hand grip contouring. You can also use the battery to charge your smartphone!


3,200 lumens is extremely bright, but the runtime of for 2 hours is a little stingy for large handhelds. And with the variable beam set to spot it doesn’t seam to have the range of other large handheld torches with more focussed spot beams.

In the photo below, the white building (The Plow pub) is visible though not generously so. That’s due to the wide spot beam, wider than other large handhelds with variable beams. The village sign on the right is also visible as there’s a little flood as well as that wide spot in spot mode.

Useful for

We could argue that wide spot makes it an ideal torch for keeping an eye on the dog in a park at night. But the truth is, the Nebo Redline Blast RC’s low runtime even on medium puts it out of the running for many applications.

Notable features

The almost flush on/off button is easy to locate without looking because it has a different texture to the materiel around it, but still doesn’t protrude enough to be problematic in a bag in the car boot. The button also indicates battery life whilst the torch is on.

The torch charges via a USB C charging socket near the front of the torch under a secure rubber cover. The button shines red whilst charging, green when charged. There’s also a USB charging port there to use the torch’s battery to charge mobile phones, etc.

You twist the head to extend it with the flood to spot beam control. Set fully to spot, it’s a particularly wide beam that fights the Nebo Redline Blast RC’s ability to make the most of that 3,200 lumens headline figure in terms of beam distance. Also, it takes up to 30 seconds for the 3,200 brightness to be reached.

The Nebo Reedline Blast RC has 3 brightness settings and a disorienting strobe effect:

  • High: 3,200 lumens for 2 hours
  • Med: 320 for 4 1/2 hours
  • Low: 32 lumens for 50 hours

Turn the torch on with 1, 2 or 3 clicks to access the 3 brightness levels. With the torch on double click to access strobe.


The Nebo Redline Blast RC isn’t what you’d call minimalist. Not pretty either, it’s more meaningful looking.

All 4 settings are easy to access.

Large handheld


  • 3,200 lumens for 2 hours
  • 261m beam
  • High, Med, Low, Strobe
  • Spot & flood beam
  • Proprietary 2 x 18650 battery
  • 420 grams with batteries
  • 241mm long
  • 1m drop impact resistant
  • IPX7 water resistant (1m depth)

Good for…

  • Search
  • Finding the cat/dog
  • Warehouse/barn
  • Rural dweller
  • Lumens bragging rights