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Fenix LD02 Review

Last updated 14 May 2021

Fenix LD02 – 3 stars



This is the least bright torch we’ve tested. And the lowest scoring. This torch makes the argument for not having a torch at all if you have a smartphone.

It is not without redeeming features, like it’s nice metal body and the nice feedback click of the tail cap button. Unfortunately, it’s so much less bright than other similarly specified torches. This torch is not recommended by me.


The Fenix LD02 is the least bright torch we’ve tested, compared to other torches based on the AAA battery.

The beam is predominantly spot, something that is not so obvious in this 15-50m test range. There’s not is much flood either. The front door to the house 15m away is visible. But pub signs in the distance and across the road on the right are both not visible at all, even in outline.

Useful for

The low brightness of this torch makes it almost useless. The Fenix LD02 makes the case that torches of 100 lumens or less are almost not worth having, particularly if you have a smartphone.

Notable features

The Fenix LD02 has 3 brightness levels: :

  • High: 100 lumens for 30 minutes
  • Med: 25 lumens for 4 hours 15 minutes
  • Low: 8 lumens for 15 hours

Turn it on with a fully depressed click of the tail cap switch. To access the 3 brightness levels, turn on with a full click then half clicks to cycle through them.;


Not unpleasant looking, and made of metal, always more tactile and pleasant than plastic, it’s easy to access the 3 brightness levels.

Small torch


  • 100 lumens for 35 minutes
  • 45m beam 
  • High, Med, Low 
  • Fixed spot/flood beam 
  • 1 x AAA 
  • 28 grams with battery 
  • 76mm long 
  • IPX8 water resistant 
  • 1m drop impact resistant 

Good for…

  • Keychain
  • Handbag